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Full Version: Integration of nForce SataRaid drivers
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Boris Wrote:Just to avoid misunderstanding (I would like to avoid any unnecesary BIOS flashing):
Fernando, you suggest that I
1) install WinXP with no SataRaid drivers whatsoever on the non-raid Raptor
2) flash BIOS to the last stable version (1016)
3) install nVidia chipset drivers 6.85 (not 6.70? My board is A8N-SLI Deluxe) AFTER renewing the BIOS (contrary to what is recommended by ASUS!)
Do you mean that after installing the chipset drivers I will be able to see the RAID drive?
1) Try to install WinXP with your current BIOS version. It should work, if ASUS is right (because you don't install any nForce Chipset drivers from a package v. 6.65 or higher. If the install should fail, flash the old BIOS v. 1011 and try it again.
2) No, you should flash the last version before v. 1012 (in your case probably v. 1011).
3) You can take both chipset driver packages, because they are fully compatible to your chipset. Many users have written, that the 6.85 package is a little bit better than the 6.70 one.
3) No, I have written, that you should install the nForce drivers before you flash a new BIOS version (for example v. 1016) - exactly as ASUS suggests.
Hi Fernando,

Thanks a lot - all seems now to be up and running fine.
I don't think I would manage without your help.

P.S. I was wrong about nForce chipset 6.65 and higher requiring BIOS 1012 - it is the other way round. I guess I was just a bit tired and frustrated - not good for brains...
Boris Wrote:Thanks a lot - all seems now to be up and running fine.
I don't think I would manage without your help.
Good to hear, that you succeeded at least.
Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your efforts to help!
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