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Full Version: Installing MS Office 2003
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I have managed to slipstream sp2 + windows xp. I have downloaded ork and created a unattended.MST for office 2003, still ... i can't get it to install. How do i tell Windows Unattended CD Creator to install office 2003.

I think you have forgoten to use unattended.MST als switch whit COMPLETET pfad !

Can you post your settings.txt from CD ?
I need only section [software] from this file. You can remove keys from your software too.

PS: I hope you understand my english
Thanks for your quick reply.
My software settings are these:


You have forgoten define a commandline that installs office.
  1. Start Creator
  2. Select Folder on HDD
  3. Click "Work in source directory"
  4. Select "Software"
  5. Select "office2003"
  6. click "select"
  7. and select setup.exe
  8. now you must see "%cdrom%\Software\office2003\setup.exe"
  9. complete it to "%cdrom%\Software\office2003\setup.exe" TRANSFORMS=
  10. now click again "select"
  11. and select Unattended.MST
  12. now you must see "%cdrom%\Software\office2003\setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%\Software\office2003\Unattended.MST"
  13. complette it to "%cdrom%\Software\office2003\setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%\Software\office2003\Unattended.MST" /qb-
  14. now click "Add" (under "select")

Do you look the videotutorial?

That is very important!
i am sorry but:

12- now you must see "%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003setup.exe"

shouldn't it be:
now you must see "%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003Unattended.MST"

linuxmad Wrote:12- now you must see "%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%Softwareoffice2003setup.exe"

Sorry, copy&paste mistake Crying or Very sad
I correct in now
now is ready!
ok .. this is my new settings.txt

W i n d o w s U n a t t e n d e d C D C r e a t o r 0 . 9 . 8

[ U s e r ]
u s e r s = " a d m i n "
a d m i n . p a s s = e p a a d m i n
a d m i n . l o c a l g r o u p = " A d m i n i s t r a d o r e s "
A u t o l o g i n = a d m i n

[ S o f t w a r e ]

O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 . c h e c k P o i n t = " S o f t w a r e \ O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 "
O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 . S t e p s = " 1 "

O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 . S t e p . 1 = " " % C D R O M % \ S o f t w a r e \ O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 \ S E T U P . E X E " T R A N S F O R M S = " % C D R O M % \ S o f t w a r e \ O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 \ U n a t t e n d e d . M S T " / q b - "
R e i h e n f o l g e = " O f f i c e 2 0 0 3 "

still .. no luck... it installs windows... but no office Sad
Quote:"%cdrom%\Software\office2003\setup.exe" TRANSFORMS="%cdrom%\Software\office2003\Unattended.MST"
I am sorry...
but also copy paste errors:oops:
my settings.tx has the space "between"

So.. really don't knowCrying or Very sad
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