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Full Version: AdobeReader 8 switches
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Ok so, when I type in the CMD box the following line: "D:\AdbeRdr8.exe" /?
it returns me the switches that Adobe Reader 8 uses... I want to use the switch /sALL (silent...) and the switch /sl "LANG_ID". The problem is that I don't know which "LANG_ID" I should use for the french language... in the dropdown of Adobe Reader 8, it goes like that:
English (English)
Français (French)

I am not sure about it, but I am thinking that 0 would be English and 1 French... or 1 English and 2 French... but I am not sure... if someone could tell me which one it is (1 or 2 for French) and if I need to use the "1" or "2" or only 1 or 2 would be ok... (I know it might be hard to understand... if you have questions about something i just said, reply with the question and ill try to say it in a better way Smile )
I'm not sure, but try "40c" or "040c"

You can read more info aboud LANG_ID in i386/intl.inf on cd, section [Locales] !!
Alrighty mr. Vitali, I will try this when I'm going to format (dont know when) and I'm going to tell you if it worked or not (or if someone does it before me, maybe he/she could reply and tell if it worked or not...)