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Full Version: software big problem plz hlp
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first thanks for windows unattend cd creator it is wondrful program

i have an already silent installation programs i put all of them in software via windows unattended cd creator ( they are 29 program ) . when i put add the programs via windows unattended cd creator but after making windows and after i setup the windows which i made via windows unattended cd creator the software installation did not appear and no software is installed

plz help and thanks
Do you watched this video tutorial?:
(2009-07-24, 08:21 AM)Vitali Wrote: [ -> ]Do you watched this video tutorial?:

yes i watched it and i do as you do but the programs not installed after the setup of windows and i am sure that i added the programs
Can you post the settings.txt from cd ? only [Software] section and without keys or series number of course
ok here is my setting.txt
Sorry for my late answer Embarassed

How can I see you have only copy files to CD. But without to select how to install your progs.
  • In the tab 'Software' select a program in the right list
  • click 'select' in the middle of window
  • in new window select a setup file of your program
  • click 'open' or 'ok' (I don't have english windows now)
  • now have a line with install command in the middle line of window. You can change/correct it if you want to install this prog silently. But you need for any your prog a silent switch. google for it.
  • click 'add' bottom left in the window
  • now is the install command in the bottom list
Only progs with the command line in the bottom list are started/installed during windows setup. And only command lines with correct silent switch are installed silently.

if you have problem with this tutorial watch video again. And don't forget, for any your programs need you correct silent switch if you wont install it silently!