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i was trying to make a windows copy
with all of my programs
but i have this problem
and i dont know what to do
[Image: scaled.php?server=440&filename=38320057.gif&res=medium]
help me please
Remove .Net Framework and install the current version again

i've uninstalled the framework and installed another one but still not working >.<
i dont know what to do .
Sad ive done everything you said and still the same problem Sad
thats driving me crazzzzzzzzzy
The problem I already know. That is .Net-Framework! Normally it is sufficient to remove the net framework and reinstall, or install Windows Unattended CD Creator with built-Net framework. I know of no other solution.

Which version of windows are you using?
xp sp2
and ive updated it to sp3 and i removed the update when the Windows Unattended CD didnt work at first place
and i dont know what to do
Sorry, but I know of no other solution. Crying or Very sad

The problem lies exclusively on Net Framework. I too have been had. Helps only to remove the framework, and the computer to reboot to install Net Framework again. First try with Net Framework 1.1, if not help then with 2.0 and so on until it works.

And restart computer between install of different versions of Net Framework
i'll try to reinstall my windows and see if it fixed or not

thanks for ur help Smile <3
it worked after reinstalling the windows
thank you so much